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In 2004 Langan Site Services Ltd. became a pioneer in addressing industry accountability for septic containment and disposal.  We have become a leader in supplying the Oil, Gas & Construction industries with on-site septic and grey water management.

We designed and developed a unique product and system to address OH&S Regulation and Codes Part 24 358 (1-3). Since then, our rapidly expanding company has become a recognized leader in the movement towards a greener Canada. Our products and systems provide the most cost effective, reliable & environmentally responsible solutions in Western Canada. Based in Central Alberta we provide on-site septic and grey water containment to drilling rigs in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Our family run company takes pride in offering reliable, around the clock service to all of our clients. Extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry allows us to appreciate the specific and time sensitive needs of each site and client. Langan Site Services unique system keeps on-site septic containment and disposal simple and effective, eliminating the need for and expense of picker trucks &/or other cumbersome vehicles. Low overhead for us means cost savings for you.

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